Thursday, April 24, 2014

Final Session Dacy Two - Reckless Creativity with Jim Sill

Reckless Creativity with Jim Sill

Day two - 4.19pm
I think this would have to be the most powerful PD of my life!!!!

The World of Wild and Reckless Creativity!

you tube

go pro world!

Enabling everyone, everywhere to learn, create, share!

Reckless creativity!  
How can we encourage everyone to recklessly create and share their MAGIC?

We are living in a world of wild and reckless creativity without a net!  WE ARE THE NET!!!

I was born a bicycle native!

Don't be afraid of the new technology - get in amongst it! Give it a go!!!

The desire to be creative is inate!

Creativity start with an idea - shape it into something tangible - publish it!  

The biggest barrier to creativity is fear!  

As you review context - it is okay to change your idea!

Our job is to teach creativity!!

Take an idea - repurpose!

Mastery, Purpose, and autonomy are needed to build intrinsic motivation!  Dan Pink Drive

Example - create an instagram account, use a hashtag, share your learning and journey with community (family - when you are on camp etc)

Share the visual of your journey!

Flipagram create beautiful short video stories using your photos, set to music you love.

Become a relevant teacher!  Use the tools to lead to change!  Fail and fail, fail often... Create lessons where learners loose balance.

How can we change our world with an idea?  A very powerful challenge to leave with us as we walk away from two STUNNING DAYS!

I not only use my brain but all the brains of others - crowd sourcing!!! Powerful, quick gathering of thoughts, responses...


We can dream out loud!  We are all architects of the learning journey!!!!


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