Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 2 - Google Summit

Here we are back at Burnside High School for the MAGIC of day two of the inaugural GAFE Summit South Island!

Started the day with singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @markwagner.

Beware the Transformation Trap: Making Meaningful Change

Jenny Magiera starting us off with an awesome insight into kiwi/usa language: 

Check out the videos at 

Is the next best thing really making such a HUGE difference!  

The big question - does it make it better?

Are we really thinking through making things better for our learners?

Thinking through why we are all here when we are on holiday!  

We are here to get better at: encouraging, empowering all of us to tweet out why we are here!


Compliance does not equal engagement! Actively engaging in learning, participating in the learning, looking at the old problems, and creating new solutions with new tools.  

Me boxes - bring along items to display so we can all view and identify the learners!  old problem - simple solution! Making the me box an online experience on a google site - with QR code access.

Assessment - google forms.
Start a day with a mood check in and set a goal for the day - and can request a session with a teacher.  Could you use a google form to allow your students to share how they are feeling and why?

A form could be as simple as name, feeling, why, goal, need to chat with teacher...

How are you using google forms to check in with your students? Celebrate? Assess?  This is a HUGE area to explore.  By using conditional formatting you can instantly have your results colour coded. 

Engagement - 
Real and authentic learning as a hook in!

Creation - 
What did you create today - not what did you learn today!!!

Aligns so perfectly with Derek Wenmoth's learn, create, share!

Learner becoming the teacher:

  • app speed sharing 
  • device decisions

Actively involving the learners! 

The rate of change can be slow!  There is no shame in slow and steady.  Don't ever let the time stop you getting started!

Remember we always have to fall before we fly!  
What do you do right after you fall?  Do you get up and try again?

It is not something we want to do - it is something we need to do, we need to be!

Jennie's student's videos!

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