Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Teaching and Learning cycle meets Google Apps

Plan, Teach, Assess and Report using Google Apps

Thinking about how we are spending our time!  Accessibility of information for our learners!

Doing things differently - engaging the learners!

Tpack model

Experimenting with Google Moderator  has the added power of allowing voting.

Use Today's Meet as a chance for any questions to be added and reflected on later!  (Model carefully as you cannot delete any comment)

Set up page level access on Google Sites.

A powerful tool to use!  Pages can be open for planning and sharing.  Once they are ready it is a simple matter of changing the access to change the access and sharing.

Google a day challenge - how incredibly powerful is this!!! How could you use this to encourage your learners to sharpen up their skills online???

Using forms for assessment!

Tune the learner into the lesson!  Edit the form!  Create one form - with five to ten questions!  Save all of the responses to one spreadsheet.  Next time you edit this and add information to an existing spreadsheet!  Gather data over time!  Very powerful for students to reflect on!

Use Youtube record to instantly capture reflections.. 

Use voice comments to capture voice feedback!  Kaizena! 
Capture learner's thought processes!

Woohoo... back to back MAGIC at all of these sessions!  Thanks a million to you all!

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