Thursday, April 24, 2014

Personal Learning Networks for Educators: Now With Google Plus!

Personal Learning Networks for Educators: Now With Google Plus! with Mark Wagner

Who is in your learning network?  How do they support you?  How do you support them?


Beginning with connecting, and contributing, can lead to conversing!  Once the relationship is established requests may be responded to more openly and freely.  

More fabulous learning to take to my literacy online role!!! 

Thinking through some options for my literacy updates....
Add a google form... Start with a form to gather data that will inform and allow us to best meet the needs of those subscribed!

Never underestimate the value of our contributions!  

Once you connect and establish a PLN online, you are able to feel like you are travelling and learning with these people forever!  

Using Google Hangout!  Wonder if we could schedule hangouts at specific times to really develop conversations? 

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