Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CORE Breakfast - Janelle Riki - Modern Pathways to raising Māori achievement

Tip number one:
School: a place to come home to 
He āhuru mōwai
Having a relationship with those at school is critical for our learners.

"...places that allow and enable students to be who and what they are."  Creating Culturally-Safe Schools for Māori Students. A. McFarlane et al.

To be responsive requires a reciprocal arrangement. Knowing our learner, knowing their iwi, knowing what they are and do in their Māori world. When I know I will respond to those needs.  Knowing and respecting our learners. Getting below the surface level of knowledge about our learners. 

Giving educators permission to see and respond to the colour of our skin.  

Tip number two
Empower our learners with skills to prepare them for their future. 
We cannot do what we did yesterday, or we are not doing our job.  

New Millennium learner needs:
creative, confident, capable, collaborative, connected, competitive, culturally responsive. 

Can our learners say:
I am home grown, I speak Māori, I am confident, I can do this...

Are we preparing our learners so they know how to learn?  What are we doing to ensure this...

Can our learners see what needs to be done, work out what to do, and do it... even if not YET?

Tip number three
Grow and leverage what they are already good at!
Arohia ūna angitutanga

Know your learners - where are they at with their technological savvy.  

Knowing our learners, seeing our learners in a way their family see them.  How do we ensure we get to know the learner that their family know and love, how do we ensure our learners shine?

How often do our learners get to do, know, be good at what they shine at?  

How do we figure out how to put social studies, maths, etc into what our learners do very well already.  Are we allowing our learners the opportunity to engage with technology to develop the skills they need to participate and succeed in a modern world. 

Tip number 4
Empower them
Whakaūngia tōna mana

Choice - about what they learn
Agency - over what they learn
Independence - when they learn
Leadership - sharing their learning
Tuakana - teaching to (the power of teaching something to others grows us exponentially)
Teina - learning from

Mixing with our programme allowing for learners to be creative and have autonomy with how and what they learn, to be ready to teach others.  

Where is Self Determination for our learners? Power and mana, meeting in the middle, staying true and keeping self worth, but meeting in the middle.  

Ways to engage learners:
Showing our learning in different ways - eg. book creator - multiple ways of engaging, alternative methods of assessment.
Using sock puppets to learn mihi.
Alternative ways to learn and teach, and engage, 
Allowing our learners to use technology to show what they can do. 

If the barrier is the physical act of writing, find alternatives... speech to text?  Utilise the technology - eg skyping, as we used with the marvellous Myles Webb!

Tip number 5
Māori achieving success as Māori
Notice natural inherent talents and grow those!
Learning based on potential - remembering you are not there YET - but you will get there...

Celebrate and excel in own culture.

Celebrate and excel in being Māori!

Walk around our schools and classes - what celebrates Māoriness in our environment!

Why is Kapa Haka not a part of our learning programme? 

Intent is one thing perception is everything...

Shift the focus from others to ourselves... could we be doing this differently, better? 

Do we ask our learners what and how they want to learn?
Have we got the right perception of what our learners need?

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