Wednesday, May 13, 2015


One of my favourite children’s books is Mem fox’s Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge.  I have always loved the images, the story and the concepts of memories. 
As I am faced with an immediate family member with memory issues I am reminded of the power of memories, whatever they are, and how they are interpreted. 
·      Are our memories locked in as we experience them and sealed for all time?
·      Are memories started with an experience and grown as we reflect on them and view photos recording these memories?
·      Are they shaped by conversations with those whom we shape our memories with?
·      Are memories stored logically?
·      How do we determine what creates a significant impact, and stays etched in our memory forever?
·      Why do we only remember the very good, and very ‘not so good’ experiences sometimes?
·      Can we change the way we remember?
I know there will be answers to these questions online.  Maybe it is not clinical answers I am after.  Maybe I am just trying to sort why memories are so complex, complicated and confusing when they muddle.  Why do some memories get stuck on replay in our minds?  Why do some memories disappear? 
How do we best support others with memory challenges.  I feel like an external hard drive…

What a rare and beautiful privilege this is…

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