Sunday, May 24, 2015

Modern Learning Practice - Module one

Catching up on my online learning! 
As I work my way through my modules I will share my thoughts and wonderings here.  
Today I am beginning with rethinking learners, looking at a learner's perspective.  How well this ties in with last Thursday night's #edchatnz (

What a wonderful set of questions to begin to unpack! 
Already this is helping me with my facilitation role!  As I am preparing for a session on collaborative planning, I think this slide is a wonderful place to start.  The value will be in the discussion around the learner perspective. 

This also causes me to reflect on the four questions we were introduced to by Lynda Kaser and Jane Halbert:
Four big questions:
1.     Where are you going with your learning?
2.     How’s it going? Matched to criteria…
3.     Where to next?
4.     Can you name two adults in this school who believe you will be a success in life? 
"As a learner, I expect to take joint responsibility for and be seen as an active agent in determining my own learning priorities.” 

How well do we know our learners?

I am loving our UDL approaches which ensure we get to know as much as possible about our our learners.

How often do we really dig into our learner's opinions of what they are learning, what choice they are having with their learning, whether or not it is meeting their needs?

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