Saturday, May 23, 2015

Te Reo Puāwai Māori

Tūawhitia te hopo - feel the fear and do it anyway.

Kīanga - Phrases
Kei a koutou - Up to you all (3+)
He pātai ā koutou? Any questions?
He pātai tāku - I have a question
Me inoi tātou - let us all pray
Mai i te topi - From the top (start)
Kia pai tō rā - Have a good day
He whakaaro noa iho - just a thought

Kupu hou - new words
puāwai - to blossom/bloom
kaitautoko - supporter/cheerleader
tuatahi - first
Whāinga - goals
kāo/kāore - no
Āe - yes
Paramanawa - morning tea
tō - your
ahau/au - me/I
tohutō - macron
anō - again
matua - dad
mātua - parents
moumou - waste 

Use images and word posters to support me in my journey!
Practice in our sessions.
Make whakatauki, karakia and waiata a part of our facilitative practice.
Commit to our weekly sessions, our modules, and the forum - really looking forward to seeing our relationships grow.

A huge mihi to Gemma, Anaru and Rochelle for a fabulous face to face day. From the moment we arrived til the moment we left there was a surreal feeling of openness, connectedness, willingness to take a risk, learn and grow together.  From my perspective this was due in part to some of the following:

  • We had your online welcome;
  • We arrived to a room set up with flexibility, space and choice of seating and groupings;
  • Arrangements on our table gave a distinct New Zealand flavour;
  • Friendly greetings from you all;
  • Enthusiasm of participants;
  • Very relaxed, welcoming feel;
  • First session - the web of connectedness was amazing.  So many connections were made to set the scene for growing these throughout the day. 
Thanks to all the participants!  What an exciting journey we are on!

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