Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Green Prescription

Have any of you heard of Green Prescription?  I had never heard of it until recently when talking with my doctor and discussing my increasingly busy work schedule which involves a lot of travel and sitting, and not a lot of time for me and exercise.
I had an appointment with a gorgeous young lady from Sport Otago who ‘facilitated’ a session incredibly well.  I now have short, mid and longterm goals around my fitness and health and well being.  Two weeks in and I am delighted to report that not only am I incredibly more active, I feel better, and I am loving the time I am making for me and getting out and about in the outdoors no matter where I am with work.  Over the past two days I have fitted in a 38min walk and a 53min walk.  Not only is it a fabulous break from the computer for me, it is a chance to walk, see the sights, listen to my music and reflect on the day.  I am loving it.  WHY then have I not made time for myself over the past two years?  What am I finding it so incredibly easy to fit some activity into every day?   Is it because of the accountability?  To my mentor? To my tracking sheet?  To myself – now that I have flicked the switch?  Great wonderings for me.  Up until my change of role I was a regular gym attendee, with at least 2-3 sessions per week.  My travelling life style with my facilitation role just doesn’t allow for this and I found that over 2014 I was nothing more than a ‘financial gym member’, the sort the gym owners love.  Pay the regular weekly fee, but never enter the building.  I refused to put the gym membership on hold because I saw that as a sign of admitting defeat.  The moment I did put it on hold though was a huge break through and now I am on a path of exercising wherever I am.
At a session recently, I heard for the first time, the saying “sitting is the new smoking”.  Since then I have repeatedly heard this phrase and the internet is chocka full of articles and images to support this claim.  I am now sharing little snippets of this phrase in my sessions and we are increasingly trying to make our sessions active. 

I have a growth mindset about my goals… I am not there YET but I have made a start, I am on the way and I am committed.

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