Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CORE Workshop- Janelle Riki - Modern Pathways to raising Māori achievement

Unpacking Tātaiako
Engage over a multitude of ways, events, happenings.
Equitable relationships should start on an equal footing.  Start at ground zero together on projects.

Bringing the Treaty to Life in our schools:

  • Equitable and reciprocal
  • Acknowledge their mana and whakapapa
  • Acknowledge and grow their potential
  • Active engagement
  • Collaborative decisions
  • Equity and equality


  • Invite and engage
  • Go and learn about them
  • Whanau know their family best and want what you want
  • Whanau have valuable knowledge and expertise
  • They are more than just immediate family


  • Their aspirations
  • Their culture, reo, iwi,
  • Their whanau
  • Protection of tikanga, culture, identity, language
Getting to know the family, beyond the learner, the families individual strengths, needs and expertise. 

A possible framework for whānau hui:
  • appropriate time
  • kai
  • tikanga: kaumata, karakia, mihimihi
  • Child care
  • Students present?
  • Kaupapa: Māori Student Achievement
Three powerful questions:
What are your aspirations for your tamariki?
What are we doing well?
What could we do better?

Engagement with iwi:
  • acknowledge mana whenua
  • acknowledge mokopuna
  • Invite and engage
  • Go and learn about their place
  • History
  • Tikanga
  • Reo
  • Mana
Consider the perceptions, consider developing relationships!

Māori Students
  • Acknowledge their mana and whakapapa
  • Acknowledge their potential
  • Invite and engage
  • Go and learn about them
  • Their aspirations
  • Their culture
  • Their whānau
The Modern Māori Learner:
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy - within Agency, Ubiquity, Connectedness, Collaboration...

  • The power to act - do you have the power to act here at our school?
  • Empowered leaners
  • Choice, self directed
  • Independance
  • Leadership
  • Ako
  • Tino Rangatiratanga - self determination
  • Tuakana/Teina
Creating a Tuakana wall - add names

Creating a Teina wall - add names

Model this with our learners... interact with learners in a whole new way... 

Learner directed learning...

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • not confined to a place or time frame
  • Māori adapting to surroundings
  • Just in time contextual learning
  • Relationship connections
  • Connecting to spaces and places
  • Being connected - plugged in 
  • Face to face - virtual - global
  • Whakapapa
  • Whenua
  • Mahi toi 
  • Hononga - taumau, whānau (organised marriages)
  • Working together
  • Communication
  • Learn together
  • Roles/responsibilities
  • Tuakana/teina
  • Wānanga
  • Hāpu: roles and responsibilities
  • Together with each other, for each other - looking at ways of making tasks for learners to be responsible for parts of tasks...
Māori - means special and normal... Māori was a term Pakeha gave to the people of NZ, just as Pasifika is a term others gave to people from the Pasific nations...

Very powerful words from Janelle... you can leave here today and say I went a session and I learnt... or you can back and say 

"I need sometime to unpack this with you all now..."  explicitly making time to unpack new learning.

Practical ideas:
  • visual ideas around your school - Maori artwork, te reo, 
  • answerphone messages - kia ora, welcome to our school
  • key messages, vision, visual ideas, images, at first point of contact
  • making it very clear what our school does stand for
  • local names/words visible
  • mihi at start of assembly
  • Teachers sharing mihi
  • NZ in the only place in the world where we can hold up and celebrate the Māori culture

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