Friday, May 29, 2015

VPLD hui Day two...

WOW, day two already!
I am still totally buzzing from our day yesterday!  The power of our stories continues to inspire and motivate us to more.

Transformative practice - More than meets the eye:
My Story: MLE/MLP: - Tamara Yuill-Proctor

Ignite: MLE/MLP:- Paul Sadler:
What comes first - the chicken or the egg?   Modern Learning Environments (MLE) or Modern Learning Pedagogy (MLP)?

Inspire: MLE/MLP: - Vicki Hagenaars and Cyndi Kruijer - Sharing our experiences

Inspire: Together we can make shift happen - a transformative collaboration activity.

All too soon, the two days are coming to an end... Time to reflect!!! Poroporoaki...

Powerful words from Greg - what is seen here with the sharing is as good as it gets...

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