Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Day 41 - two zeros in a row

Today started with F45 Romans. I really do enjoy these sessions and wish I made the effort every day. 

The true highlight of the day was heading up to the office to my proper desk, which Grant moved through last night. Agh, so good - right height, no more sore back or neck. So much space and just felt so good. 

...and check out that view. I really am so glad I shifted back through to the front of the house. As long as there is a little sun, the room warms up rapidly. 

So the day flew by with a mare minutes for bathroom stops and drink and food stops. I finished just after 4 today. So so good to finish at a reasonable time. I am loving watching the progress of this new build across the paddock... or what was a paddock, rapidly filling with new neighbours. Today is only the second day the builders have been back on site and the concrete block wall is really building up. 

Tonight I got back to my sewing. Quite happy with my creation tonight. Photos to come at a later date, after the birthday. 

...ooh nearly forgot to mention, today is the second day in a row with zero new Covid 19 cases. I love the memes that come up - such clever people.

Today's lesson: Comfort is important. My back and neck feel so much better with the right height desk again. 

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