Monday, May 11, 2020

Day 47 - holding out for news of when we go to Level 2

Today at 4pm we will find out if we go to level 2. I am so excited about the potential of this. If we go to level 2 on Wednesday, as Jacinda has promised a 48 hour announcement, J, G and L will be able to visit this weekend. I can hardly wait. 

So, will this Monday morning be better than those of late? We will be back into the capacity tracker and accountability... not so much. This week was more about sharing and for that I am exceptionally grateful! This really has been an incredible time with some amazing facilitation opportunities. 

Great meetings again today with educators. How awesome to see teachers beginning to think through the opportunities for a more blended approach going forward. 

One of my purchases online - lamb steaks - YUMMO, but very expensy for how much there way. Maybe this is what portion size should really look like... which leads nicely to today's favourite meme...

How awesome is this... we really will look back on this time and the stages... so so funny....

So, gathering in front of the TV at 4pm, and the news... it made me cry. We are going to level 2 on Wednesday at 11.59pm. YUSSSSSSSSSSS J, G and L can visit this weekend, and K and S can buy flights and come down for Queen's Birthday weekend.... honestly... I have missed family soooooooooo much during this ISO. Tears of share joy and relief... 


Alert Level 2

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