Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Day 42 - heading up over another speed bump

Day 42, WOW that is now marking 6 weeks... I keep thinking about something I watched very early on about it taking 60 days to establish new habits. We are 18 days away from this. What habits have I established? I certainly am loving being home and working from home. I have quite well established exercise routines. As long as I am up early enough to get it in before the start of the day. Today I headed out for an awesome bike ride. It was very cold out there and it was into a head wind heading out, so it sure was nice to turn for home. 

Today was interesting. I am working with schools who are heading up and over a new speed bump and are into a 'worry phase'. We cannot change what will happen with level two, we do not know when it will happen or how it will look, but for many educators this is not halting the concern. 

We are working to change things up a little and move into a creative space for next week. As we create innovative, creative taskboards for next week, we are allowing for an emergence of a truly blended learning experience - exciting indeed. 

A real highlight in my day, was notification that a birthday parcel was delivered south by the courier. How grateful I am for any connection with little guy at this time... we miss him sooooo much. 

Happy Birthday Gabi, third family birthday in isolation. We sure do have a lot to celebrate when we are next able to all be together. 

Naw, look at that gorgeous little face....

The day sped by, and I cam downstairs to prepare dinner. WOW look at the progress they have made on the wall today... before long there will be a house next door....

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