Sunday, May 10, 2020

Day 46 - Mother's Day in ISO

So here it is... my first Mother's Day without a Mother... I thought it would be overwhelmingly sad but NO... I awoke grateful that Mum is out of pain, unaware of the challenges of Covid-19, and at peace. I made an awesome breakfast treat of Smashed Avo, eggs and salmon... and of course, a latte. I really am sooo grateful for our coffee machine. I have enjoyed at least one coffee every day. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my own Mother's Day treat. Yesterday when I picked up the Sphagnum Moss from Nicholls, I was able to treat myself two chrysanthemums. 

What an awesome surprise to open the courier pack that arrived yesterday - such a delicious treat from J, G and L. Pomegrante is just such an incredible treat. 

Then an email from K with a voucher for Onsen Hot Pools in Queenstown... agh soooo spoilt. 

Then it was time to set to and create the dream I had in my head. Grant shaped the heart for me out of trusty old number eight wire.

I used fishing line to secure sphagnum moss...

Four visits to the bottom of the drive to select succulents...

And what a result. So happy with this in situ at the Allanton Cemetery. It was great to catch up with K and J at the cemetery. It is very weird to actually see people and be around people. 

We were driving home from the cemetery when K, S, J, G and L surprised me with an absolutely awesome Mother's Day facetime. WOW what a day. I had such low expectations and it has been one of the Best Mother's Days ever.... 

Back out to the garden and using an old mess orb I made years ago as the centre of a willow weaving ball, I created my very own succulent ball. Not too shabby at all. 

A couple of hours out in the garden, splitting up and planing. I have added a scillia row to the side of the path out the back. I hope there is enough sunlight out here to allow them to flower. Next spring is going to be somewhat of a surprise after the work we have put in this autumn. 

The sun sets on a stunning Mother's Day.... very very grateful!

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