Sunday, May 3, 2020

Day 39 - the sand between my toes

Of my goodness... I had truly forgotten how good it feels to have sand between your toes and the waves crashing over your feet. 

We don't live that close to the beach so during this time of isolation we have only been once, in the very first week on the way home from picking up our online shopping order. 

So, super sunny Sunday and time... time for the beach...

In line with the recommendations we heading straight for our closest beach... hahahahaha not even possible to get a park off the road safely anywhere... Eventually we got a part off the road south of Brighton. Agh yes, that feeling... sun on the back, sand between the toes - so darn good. We walked down to Kuri bush, had a delicious picnic, then headed back. 

The sights and sounds... pure bliss. I really am so very happy to be back at the beach. I am so sad I left my paddle board in Naseby because I sure would love being out on it now...

Stunning patterns in the sand...

Oh my goodness, that feeling is unbelievable. Not even cold. I am so so grateful for the chance to be here at the beach today. 

Delicious picnic... why is it that food tastes so good outside? 

We stopped off on the way home. Now I can say I know why it is called 'Big Stone Road'.

Back home and a loud knock at the door, how weird it is that the very sound of someone knocking at the door jolts you out of the 'bubble moment'. I looked out to see the Countdown delivery truck. I called out and explained that he must be at the wrong place... but alas no - darling Katie had ordered us so many treats. WOW Katie, soooo grateful. What a very special thing to do... LOVE you. xoxox

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