Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reflecting on reflecting... #28daysofwriting Day 7

Recently I read and commented on Nathaniel's post - 

My comment on his post got me thinking and got me digging into the stats on my site and I was surprised to see my most visited post ever is this one from the 20th of September 2011.  

With over 1100 views I determined it was well worth a re-read. WOW - it sure was worth it!  This was nearing the end of my Study year thanks to TeachNZ and I was completing my Master's of Educational Leadership as well as papers in e-learning.  I was preparing for a return to class to 'live' the theoretical journey I had been on.  

I am extremely grateful for a number of things right now:

  • Uber grateful to Dave Young who supported me on the journey to blogging, which affords the real privilege of locating yourself back in time and re-living, re-visiting and reflecting on experiences;
  • Incredibly grateful to my Mum who inspired me to a journey in the education field;
  • So appreciative of my family who support me and inspire me daily;
  • So grateful to Keith Vial who was my Year 8 teacher who opened the world for me and made me realise that teachers can empower learners to 'reach for the stars';
  • So appreciative of all the students I studied with, who enriched my lives back then and continue to do so with our regular catchups;
  • Grateful for all the educators who share their journey and inspire their learners;
  • So incredibly in awe of all my CORE colleagues who support, encourage and challenge me constantly;
  • Grateful for technology that allows us to connect and network and share our reflections across time and space and benefit from the reflections of others;
  • Appreciative of all the educators and learners I have the privilege of working with - you enrich my life daily!
Through reflection and experience we can take surface knowledge all the way through to deep and significant learning.  


  1. I'm enjoying reading your posts Anne, thank you. #28daysofwriting I'm also interested in delving more into #teacher5aday via Martyn Reah. Thanks for sharing. Reflecting and gratitude so important! Educators should take time out more often to do this.

  2. Hi Jeannette, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. This is the first I have seen of #teacher5aday. I really need to check it out some more.
    I really do value reflection and like you, think it is something we should do more of. I also think it is incredibly important for us to model reflection with our learners.