Friday, February 20, 2015

Impact - what is it all about? Day 20 #28daysofwriting

This morning I woke up to a Twitter notification:
What an incredible read to wake up to:

From Mosgiel to Mumbai – Twitter tours make connectivism MAGIC @coetail

This post brings bak so many incredible memories:

The power of connecting face to face, continuing to connect online, is evidenced in ripples.  

Mosgiel to Mumbai is such a fabulous title.  Mosgiel, in the deep south of New Zealand seems incredibly removed from the rest of the world.  The power of connected face to face is and always will be where the absolute MAGIC is, however the continuing ripples online are made possible through this connection.  

I don't know much about Mumbai at all - so there is another interesting connection for me to pursue.  

I also don't know anything about @coetail - What is that all about?

So, Steph and I met in July 2011 and have probably had about a maximum of ten face to face connections.  The conversation and connection during these sessions has been the solid foundation on which our online relationship continues.  

I think back with such a warm heart to the connections I made during 2011 and am amazed at how many educators I still have a close relationship with.  Many I still visit and catch up with face to face, most I am still in touch with online, and almost all I catch up with at Ulearn and conferences around NZ.

The MAGIC is in the face to face connection.  This connection supports online connections until  the next face to face and so on in an upward spiral of networking.  

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