Thursday, February 12, 2015

#28daysofwriting review time

WOW, thanks Tom Barrett!  Writing for 28 minutes each day is a powerful journey.  I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and am really mixing up my writing...

Time to take stock of where I am today and set some goals for the rest of the month...

Day 1  #28daysofwriting Day one!
Day 2  TTT hui - 2015 Kia eke taumata - Reach for the stars Professional Development
Day 3  30 years…. #28daysofwriting Personal, family, reflection
Day 4  What makes great teaching? Reading, reflecting
Day 5  TTT hui - 2015 Kia eke taumata - session two Professional Development
Day 6  A win to the waves... Poetic
Day 7  Reflecting on reflecting... #28daysofwriting Reflection
Day 8  Parents Make the Difference - Nourishing Literacy Book review
Day 9  The WHY of the bottle bivy #28daysofwriting Classroom Practice
Day 10 TTT LwDT hui 10 - 11 February 2015 #28daysofwriting Professional Development
Day 11 Celebrating the MAGIC of Margaret! #28daysofwriting Celebration
Day 12 Success for All – Every School Every Child #28daysofwriting Professional Development

WOW - what a great mix!  I am delighted that I have committed to completing a post for each day, even if they haven't been up exactly on time, they have arrived!  I am pleased with the mix.  I have not reflected as much on my facilitator inquiry as I planned, but lots to come...
I have written in a variety of styles and genres.  I have shared the posts on social media and cross posted.  
I am continue to encourage others to join this #28daysofwriting journey.

Now to the area where improvement is needed!  I set out to comment on at least two posts per day and sadly have only managed this on three days.  So off I go to comment... 

Thanks to those who have taken the time to visit and comment on my posts, it really does mean so much!

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