Saturday, February 28, 2015

The twenty eight days of writing journey... Day 28 #28daysofwriting

Today is day 28!
There are many ways to look at that!
Was 28 a target?  
Was 28 about establishing a daily writing ritual?
Was 28 just the number of days in February?

What was your aim for the 28 days???

These were the goals I set myself on day 1:

·      I will write for at least 28 minutes each day for my blog;
·      The main focus of my writing will be year beginnings and inquiry;
·      I will choose a variety of styles and genres;
·      I will invite connection and collaboration with my writings and wonderings;
·      I will share each post with a wider audience through tagging, on twitter, in the VPLD, the vln, and the Ethos community, some may even make it to the Facebook group NZ Teachers (Primary);
·      I will include reflections on my readings and my professional development;
·      I will encourage others to become involved in this journey;
·      I will connect with and comment on blogs of others in this initiative – aiming for two + comments per day;
·      I will have a lot of fun and share MAGIC wherever I can.

WOW - so many of these goals achieved!!!!  Celebrating with a happy dance...

I am delighted to have achieved almost all I set out to.  However there is still a lot of work to be done.  I have not committed time to read and comment on the blogs of others daily...

So, for the next two hours that is what I plan to do....
Back soon....
Three posts read, one comment left... 
hmmm - why is it that I feel inadequate to comment on some posts???  Do I feel I have nothing to offer?  

Back again soon...

Hmmm, two more posts read and both require me to sign in or join to comment, and unfortunately, that is not something I do... Should I?  Is this a barrier we can remove for our audience.  I know that I have removed the 'word verification' from my blog for the past two weeks but have been inundated with spam... is this just the way of things now?

Anyway, two more comments posted and time to head back into my reflection of the journey.  

Five more posts read...

A HUGE thank you to Tom Barrett for starting this opportunity for each and everyone of us to share our voice, to connect and network.  
I am really exciting to write daily for all of March... Tomorrow will see me setting myself some goals for the next chapter of my blogging journey.

Thanks to all who have visited my blog, read, or commented.  Without you, my audience, these are just words floating in space... 


  1. This was one of the reasons I tried to do the 28 days of writing. One to share my journey as we move to a new school. But also to read more and reflect on other educators views/opinions/ thoughts etc.. I have being trying hard to read a few blogs a day and leave a comment. Like you, I am not keen on signing up I like just posting a comment without the hurdles.

    1. HI Ruth, thanks for visiting and commenting. I see you are based in Christchurch. I am up there often with my work. Are you a re-build school? I would love to read your blog about your journey. Could you please send me a link?
      Anne K

    2. Oh my goodness... Imagine my surprise when I found your blog and found that I commented on your first #28daysofwriting blog post... What a crazy small world... anyway - I'm off to read some more of your posts now....