Monday, February 23, 2015

Learning from my mistakes Day 23 #28daysofwriting

Back at work today after a HUGE week last week, I was acutely aware of the need for focus and organisation as I tried to process the paperwork and get everything done before I head into more schools tomorrow.  

Fully focused I set off to create the forms necessary for the next steps, as we come together as a team, to ensure we best meet everyone's needs.

In my haste, I did not thoroughly read, or process the instructions. I doubled up on the work required and spent a lot of time creating sheets we do not need.

It got me thinking...

How often do I have a picture in my mind of what needs to happen that over-rules the real picture?

How often do I skim read, rather than deep reading?

Later this afternoon I was talking to our team leader and my mistake became evident.  How grateful I am to learn this early on of the potential duplication.  

How frustrated I would have been...

So here I am  tonight, reflecting on the benefits from close contact with our team.  The benefits of regular check ins, and clarification of tasks is essential.  

I really am loving our new way of working, sharing with team members, collaborating, and sharing the journey!

Woohoo... FAIL = first attempt in learning!

I love that I learnt from my mistakes today!

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