Monday, February 23, 2015

Special little spots in our world... #28daysofwriting Day 21

A crazy busy week all around the south ends and I head home for a night in my own bed, then it's off for another adventure!  New Zealand is one beautiful country and bit by bit we are exploring it! This weekend it is the Southern Scenic Route down to Catlins and beyond, to Waikawa.

Packing up is fun - I am just loving the confined space of Grant's new car as we really can only take the essentials!  So not long is spent packing.

Off we head south!

First stop, Lumberjacks in Owaka and the lunch was delicious!

 Glorious blue skies when we left soon turned grey and the rain started at Owaka, so roofs up!
A brief stop at the Lost Gypsy Gallery...

Continuing down the Catlins, through stunning bush and around Tautuku Bay.

Arriving at Porpoise Bay, Waikawa, to a glorious peaceful little spot in the deep south of NZ!
A swim in the Ocean at Curio Bay capped off a perfect day...

Then nibbles, wines, great company, great conversation... 

MAGIC day...

28 minutes of writing... possibly not... but totally okay with that!

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