Friday, February 20, 2015

Robust, philosophical conversation.... Day 19 #28daysofwriting

Robust and philosophical conversation is one of the many privileges of my role. 

This week I have had the privilege of visiting schools in and around the deep south of New Zealand and in and around Christchurch.

In every school there is rich, robust and philosophical conversation. We are all on a journey and I love to connect with others on similar journeys, be challenged by those on completely different journeys and be inspired by the passion of educators for learners. 

This week has been unique for me.  Scoping 8 schools in 5 days over contributing, full primary, secondary, rural, urban, integrated…

What a pleasure it has been to reflect with staff.  To look at the journey they have been on, the successes they are celebrating and the challenges they are facing.  How good it is for the heart and soul to hear the enthusiasm and passion for learners and learning.  How inspiring it is to hear of opportunities being taken, innovations being trialled, and journeys shared.

Some of themes emerging are:

  • Modern Learning Practice;
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to support learning and collaboration;
  • Modern Learning Practice (MLP);
  • Change management;
  • Integration of digital technologies;
  • Digital Citizenship;
  • Teaching as Inquiry (T@I);
  • Learner agency;

Just as our way of working this year allows for professional learning and development (PLD) where goals and needs align, it also allows for individualisationpersonalisation and agency.

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome and reception we have received across the south and the time, honesty and passion shared. 

It is so easy to get enthused and involved when the passion is there.  How lucky the learners are to be surrounded by this positive ‘buzz’. 

If there is one thing I can encourage educators to do, if not already doing so, it is to record the exciting journey they are on.  Only by recording the journey of today are we able to truly reflect and really learn from the experiences.  As we move into uncharted waters with Modern Learning Practice, we NEED to know the journey, the tipping points, the key moments that impact on us, the deviations and detours we make, the lessons learnt, and the MAGIC created. 

I am especially looking forward to working alongside educators and living vicariously through their journeys.

Thank you to you all for the robust and philosophical conversation that has been the MAGIC in my week!
Now the fun begins, as we draft development plans, align needs, and collaborate to find the best way to meet needs.  

What a pleasure and a privilege to a part of this journey.

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