Thursday, February 12, 2015

Success for All – Every School Every Child #28daysofwriting Day 12

One of the highlights of today’s hui was our session with Julie Roberts.  Unpacking Success for All and UDL in a personalised way, walking a journey with learners was a very powerful journey.  As we work to build an inclusive education there is so much we can learn and do. Again the power of the journey is in the story and the personalisation of the journey.  Exploring the resources to hear the student voice, reading and learning from the experience of others and personalising for own context is quite a journey.

Success for all: present, participating, engaged, achieving and belonging.

Just as when I am at an art gallery, I can admire a work of art.  But when I hear the back story I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of the piece.  So this is true with whakatauki.  Ma te huruhuru te manu ka rere – with feathers a bird flies.  This makes me think of the necessity of feathers for a bird to fly, the innate desire and ability for a bird to fly, the notion of flying in a flock, take off and landing, are all swirling around in my mind.  However, when I read of the back story to the logo – so much more is revealed.

“Carefully woven into the inside of a whatu pokeka or baby blanket are feathers to provide warmth, comfort, security and refuge from the elements.  The Pokeka takes the shape of the child as it learns and grows, just as the development of a curriculum is determined and shaped by the learner.  Like a bird is born with feathers, our children are born ready to succeed and reach their individual, unique potential.  As whanau, kura and professionals, we wrap our gentle feathers around a child so that they can learn to fly.”

How much greater now is our understanding and appreciation of the whakatauki?

Unpacking the logo also adds layers to the richness of this resource. 

 Embracing the big picture!

The expectations are:
·      Value everyone
·      Respect diversity
·      Equity for all

As we move into schools this year we carry with us the desire for Success for All. 

Our Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Umbrella for our way of working this year will enrich us as we challenge ourselves to consider our actions before, during and after each session, in the areas of engagement, representation, action and expression. 

As we continue to explore this outstanding resource we are becoming aware of the richness, the layers and indeed the MAGIC that are within.

How have you explored these resources in your schools, with your leaders, with your teachers, with your learners? 

I would love to hear your ways of working, sharing, being to ensure Success for All. 

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