Thursday, February 19, 2015

Visioning Day 18 #28daysofwriting

Who is a vision for?
Why have a vision?
What is a vision?
How do you set a vision?

For us, a vision is for our clusters as we determine a way to work together for all of our learners.

We need the vision to guide, shape and inform the way we work, and foster collaboration across our schools. 

The Oxford Dictionary Online defines a vision as "the ability to think or plan the future with imagination and wisdom."

Our vision is an e-vision - what we would like our learners to be, do and know in relation to learning with digital technologies.     

Working with a group, we used this approach to shape our vision:

  1. Think about what skills, attributes and knowledge we would like our 'new millenium' learners to leave our school with.
  2. Independently list up to 10 things we want our learners to be, do and know.
  3. With a partner or in a small group, refine your lists to five.
  4. Share your five with the wider group.  
  5. As a collective group, shape a cluster e-vision.

This was a fabulous exercise.  Everyone collaborated and shared ideas and we found this to be a fabulous structure to work towards a shared vision.  In a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach, we shared ideas orally, on post its, recorded on screens, paper, added to google docs, created word clouds to surface the common words and ideas.

We have got four versions of an e-vision to take into our next session to refine. 

The conversation in and around the inclusion or exclusion of certain words and phrases was rich.  Clarity of purpose and desire to work for the best for all of our learners is evident.

How do you set a vision?
How often do you re-vision?

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