Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bridget Frame #TEDXChristchurch

Bridget Frame has almost twenty years experience in corporates, two years with a post-earthquake not-for-profit and two years as a grant maker; she is an active community member through three children. Now, through her own consultancy, she is doing a bunch of interesting things with great people.

Thinking about Grantmaking - does it make a difference to our community?  Where does the money come from, where does it go and how?  

$65 million in grants in Canterbury in 2014... how does this scale across NZ?  

What is this gaming funding doing to our community? 

Bridget is really making us think about the money, how it gets to where it is needed...

Efficiency and effectiveness of grants - we need to consider both. Could there be collaborative processes that could cut down on the administrative costs?

Can the ecosystem be salvaged?  No blame here, but our ecosystem of grantmaking is not working.  There are so many unintended consequences.  

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