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Dr Libby - Exhausted to Energised

Welcoming Dr Libby to a #dunnerstunner

Three pillars: biochemical, nutritional, emotional...
First we must appreciate the inner workings of ourselves!

Why do we do what we do when we know what we know? 

Behavioural change... Different quality of life experience!
Addressing the road into our situation to know the road out... If we have an issue or concern, we need to identify the cause to address it!

What is energy?
Possibility exists for everyone... Do we make the most of our opportunities?
Exposing ourselves to new voices!
Physical and mental strength... Natural enthusiasm for life...
Connecting people with great energy energises us!
Energy is the great measure of health and well being!
Addressing waking up tired... Identifying the cause... Lousy energy is an indicator of something gone wrong...
Biochemistry... A circle of energy pathway... Kreb cycle!
ATP - usable energy.
Bring curiosity to our feeling... Think about how what we are putting into our body and how our energy levels are.
The mighty mitochondria - energy producing unit! Understanding the mighty mitochondria is so important....
The power of resistance training... Essential...
Maintain and build our physicality... Stronger immune system, and digestive system... Walking, yoga, gardening, using and moving our bodies... Seeing our bodies and movement as a gift! Embracing resistance training!

Antioxidant rich food... Blueberries, cranberry, green tea, coloured food,
Co-enzyme q10 ubiquinol can improve energy, and heart health.
Deep breathing has HUGE benefits for us...
Are we living too short and dying too long?
We get one body! How are we treating it? How are we investing in it? How are we valuing it?
Do I believe I am worth taking care of? Of course I do!
B vitamins are crucial.
Supporting the inner workings of my body must be my goal.
Iron is crucial.
Macronutrients.. Fats proteins and carbohydrates...
Micronutrients allow us to extract the macronutrients!
Eating more real food is the most basic form of self care!
We have the equipment to break down whole real food.... But not so to break down processed food.
Making an effort, one more whole food per week...
Roads to poor energy!
The nervous system!
How do we decrease our perceived level of stress? We need to remove the stress adrenalin!
Feeling the privilege of what it is to be alive! Telling ourselves to be relaxed and enjoy the moment we are in.

Energy as the flames and fire within me - what do I want my fire to be burning? I want my body to be trained to use my body fat better! Energy level consistent across the day. Training my body to use energy better, get out of the red zone... Honest about caffeine and effect!
Explore perception of pressure and urgency.
Activate the green zone... Extend the length of our exhalation... Deep breathing tells your body you're safe!
Bring awareness to how we breathe!
Breathe awareness is crucial to bringing well being.
Restorative calm: audio download..
Power of breath
Save 50%
Adrenal fatigue:

  • Low cortisol
  • Stages of stress
  • Lifestyle changes - ways to real food...
  • Holistic approach needed to get health and energy back. 
The thyroid
  • Hormones
  • Pituitary gland
  • Adrenal glands
'Toxicity' and energy
Body fat
Recycling of substances
Increased body fat for storage of problematic substances...
Supporting our liver function... Explore this some more...
Sleep - critical to our life, function, well being. Sleep must be prioritised...
Add daily choices photos...

Make one change and do it consistently...

Increase water intake...

It's not just about the food you eat, it's the choices we make and how we berate ourselves... Consequences of choices we make really matter.

My brain has too many tabs open...

Time management|
Schedule it or it won't get done!

Morning rituals...
Time to self - meditation, reading, gratitude, sense of spaciousness!
The energy of joy! Joy is enjoying what you have!

What is our purpose? 
 What is my purpose? 
What do I care about? 
When I see what I need to do, go do it! 

Purpose comes from action, making a difference!
Belief in self, belief that I am worth it!
Why do I do what i do, when I know what I know?
Our RAS looks for and finds things that agree with what we are looking for... It ignores anything that disagrees with this...
Taking new actions to increase the quality of our lives....

I think my favourite quote is operating with too many tabs open, as I know this is something I am guilty of, so making small incremental changing starting today....

Thanks Dr Libby for the key points...
Key Points
Key points
1. Muscle building
Incorporate more resistance training or muscle building exercise. This helps to build lean muscle mass. More muscle means more energy-producing mitochondria in our cells - resulting in a higher metabolic rate, which assists with body fat management, as well as better energy.
2. Immune system function
Explore your immune system function - whether this is your susceptibility to viruses or other infections, glandular fever or simply hayfever, anything that triggers your immune system can be fatiguing. Getting to the heart of these reactions can unleash energy that is spent fighting these infections.
3. Stop sitting
Stop sitting on energy - many adults spend most of their waking hours sitting, with studies showing that some spend an enormous 11 hours per day on their bottoms. Those hours tend to be clocked up working at a desk job, commuting to and from work, watching television, or at the computer. Whatever the reason, research shows that too much sitting isn't good for health or energy. So move every hour, even just for 5 minutes!
4. Perceptions
Be conscious of how your perceptions influence your mood and energy state. Write a list of what makes you feel alive and energised, and what saps your energy - your "energy vampires." Actively work on doing more of the things that make you feel energised whilst simultaneously reducing your energy vampires.
5. Open tabs
Work on closing what I call "open tabs"- these are tasks, emails or jobs that haven't been resolved. It's as if we walk around each day with so many tabs open - like websites sitting open on your computer screen, that it's no wonder we feel drained or flattened. Schedule tasks instead of just listing them.
If you get a chance to get along to the Christchurch session tonight, I can thoroughly recommend it!

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