Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rod Oram #TEDXChristchurch

Rod Oram has 40 years’ experience as an international business journalist, having worked for various publications in Europe and North America, including the Financial Times of London. He is a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times; a regular broadcaster on radio and television; and a frequent public speaker on business, economics, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, in both NZ and global contexts. In 2007 he published a book on the New Zealand economy, Reinventing Paradise.

Meeting our explorers firstly through our childhood stories and our imaginations.  Journeys teaching us to live well within nature! Moving from conquering nature to living within nature.  

We all must be part of the journey.  Learn from explorers of the past.  Keep the memories and keep telling the stories.  

WOW Rod has us captured, spell bound with his story of Scott Base!  

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Exploration is nothing without a challenge.

How can we live well on this planet?  We are heading for ecological disaster.  What MUST we do to avoid the disaster we are rapidly heading towards?  Poisoning our ecosystem MUST stop!

Biodiversity loss! The SMOG of our world.... the lie of VW... 11m noxious cars...

What is in the mind and hearts that allows for the destroying of our world...

With every species that dies... we are compromising the ecosystem... we are unsnipping a thread that holds us together... 

Where is the hope?  Returning to nature, borrow from nature, cradle to cradle framework!

Biomimicry - an urgent need to explore this further...

A dream of biodegradable, infinitely recyclable, solar-powered aircraft!  Made from flax?

Tuhoe's Te Uru Taumatua - first living building!  Totally NZ!

Living with nature!

Greed, selfishness and apathy - we need a cultural and spiritual transformation.

Guides on our journey - Sir Edmund Hilary and  Kerno?

Never forget to take time to ask the questions you have.  NEVER! Always ask the question!  The question must be heard!

Now there are no more islands to be found... 

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