Friday, October 2, 2015

...on the eve of #TEDXChristchurch...

2 October 2015
#CENZ15 Connected Educator is well underway and we are spoilt, absolutely spoilt for educational connecting opportunities.  Slightly outside the sphere of education I am flying to Christchurch this evening for #TEDXChristchurch tomorrow and I am excited plus!

What is it about TEDX that really excites me?

I thought I would capture what excites me about attending and what I am most looking forward to all wrapped into one post!

I have been a fan of TEDtalks for the longest time. I think of them as a direct line into the minds of others, an opportunity to learn from others, powerful ideas worth sharing.  I attribute many shifts in my thinking to deep reflection and critical thinking around TEDtalks. 

Back in 2012 a tweet posted by Rachel Boyd and a random connection made online with Jason resulting in me attending my first ever TEDXDunedin.  I was completely and utterly in awe of the experience.  From there I attended TEDXChristchurch in 2014, and TEDXQueenstown in April this year.  So, here I am on the eve of TEDXChristchurch reflecting and anticipating. 

What is it I love the most?

·      I love the opportunity to get outside of the educational realm I spend so much of my life in and connect with another crowd;
·      I love being ‘in the moment’ of TEDX.  I love the way each speaker transports us to another dimension, takes us on a journey and invites us to connect with their idea worth sharing;
·      I love the diversity of the talks and the audience;
·      I love the timeframes of talks…
·      I love the holistic experience that is TEDX – from registering, to arriving, to participating and celebrating, we are immersed in a journey of discovery and imagination;
·      I love the opportunity to reflect on the talks and capture snippets of the talks on my blog;
·      I love the opportunity to capture snippets for our CORE Education Ltd blog;
·      I love it all!

Arrived in Christchurch, checked phone, and first post on facebook – get your ticket to TEDXDunedin now… so I did!  How MAGIC and serendipitous is that all rolled into one… Getting tickets to TEDXDunedin on the eve of TEDXChristchurch…

Now to try and get sleep to overtake excitement… just one more sleep!

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