Friday, October 16, 2015

Margaret Heffernan: Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work

WOW - thanks for sharing this clip Greg.  What a powerful watch for us all.  

Watching this video this morning was an awesome time to reflect on some of my notions of 'team'. 

I used video notes to capture some of the points along the way. 

+ Don't peck... you don't need to blow my candle out to make your's burn brightly... we don't need to compete
+ Do superstars together grow success - no! 
+ We need to find a better way to live that doesn't involve in suppressing others.
+ 3 characteristics of successful teams - high degree of sensitivity to each other... empathy..
+ 2nd - equal time to each other, do domination or passnegers
+ 3rd - more women in the groups...
+ Social conectedness matters!
+ What happems between us really counts!
+ Asking for help... solutions are out there... culture of helpfulness!
+ Getting and giving help 
+ Getting to know each other drives helpfulness - he tangata, he tangata, he tangata
+ Invest time in REALLY gettihg to know each other
+ Fika - collactive restoration - gathering together over coffee
+ When the going gets tough - social support is there to help you
+ Companies don't have ideas, people do... 
+ What matters is the mortar - not just the bricks.
+ Social captial - reliance and interdependency
+ Resilience in times in stress
+ Gives momentum, makes companies robust,
+ TIME is everything...
+ Time builds value
+ Synchronised coffee breaks.. dedicated time to talk to each other...
+ Conflict is frequent, candor is safe, good deas turn into great ideas
+ Social capital supports growth
+ Talent and creativity - in the power of many..
+ Drama is between the students or ideas... Outstanding collaborators...
+ Bringing out the best in others is how you bring out the best in yoursefl
+ Everyone matters
+ How much more can we give each other if we stop trying to be super chickens..
+ Work is SOCIAL - a lot has to change, 
+ Rivalry must be replaced by social capital,
+ Motivating each other must be our goal...
+ Leadership - create conditions for everyone to do most courageous thinking together...
+ No stars in our team - we need everybody
+ We work to one standard only - the best imaginable
+ Boss has to butt out, no space for power..
+ We solve our problems by involving everybody!
+ Everybody has value - to create the BEST beyond measure...

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A very powerful watch which I can thoroughly recommend.

For me the reflection is in my privilege to work for a company that oozes social capital.  People are invested in, time is given to relationship building, time it allocated for connecting and sharing what is on top, both in our personal and professional lives.  Time is given for us to connect across teams, contracts and areas. 

It also compels me to share a link from Fionna Wright's recent blog post... 
Fionna offered three questions that sit with me and continue to challenge and shape me...

  • What is that I/you might do to unintentionally exclude others?
  • Where are my/your ‘blind spots’ (what am I/you not seeing)?
  • How can I/you help all of my/your learners quite simply feel included right now?
I am forever mindful of the privilege of our role.  As a facilitator I believe our role is to 'make easy the journey'.  We are in no way experts or pecking chickens.  What is I might do to unintentionally exclude or fail to engage others?  What are my blindspots? How can I help everyone feel included?

Recently, as part of the CORE team working at Ulearn I had the privilege of working with, collaborating with, socialising with, getting to know so many of our CORE whanau.  It is in these conditions that our most courageous thinking can happen.  It is in these times that we can best support, challenge, provoke and interact.  It is in these times that we grow our social capital and what it is to be CORE whanau.  

No more strongly was this felt than in the singing of Tatai Aho Rau at the conclusion of Pat Snedden's keynote.  

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