Thursday, October 29, 2015

CORE Office Opening

Wow, can you imagine my surprise when I read the email to know that I had been drawn out to attend the CORE Education Ltd Christchurch office official opening. MAGIC really is the word to describe it! And to be in the company of Viv, Rachel and Anna, even more MAGICAL!

 Why was it so special for me to be there? 

  • I LOVE our new office and freely admit to a good dose of office envy! I just love the space, the feel, the heartbeat of the office.  
  • I love that we are privileged to be in a space that espouses our vision ‘pushing the boundaries of educational possibility.  
  • I LOVE the flexibility of meeting spaces, from individual, to small group, medium or large group; from formal to informal; relaxed to intimate.  The overwhelming feeling of open, light, connected and interconnected spaces.

Being so remote from my office, based in Mosgiel, I treasure every visit and love exploring the different ways people work, inter-relate and ‘be’ within the spaces.  

Just as Tatai Aho Rau encompasses our interconnected way of being and working within CORE, so our office space allows, and indeed promotes the interweaving, cross pollination, connectedness that is so crucial to our way of being.  The privilege of working alongside members from across teams is sooo powerful.  The ability to spend time with others is so crucial to my way of connecting with the CORE team.  From arriving at reception, through the levels and spaces, our new office has a ‘home’ heartbeat.  It has a relaxed, welcoming aura, an agility and flexibility that meets the diverse needs whilst maintaining the comfort and connection.  

Another HUGE positive of the space is its ability to cater for the biophilias; those, like me, who NEED to feel connected to the outdoors, connected to nature.  The windows afford the luxury of feeling as if you are working outdoors.  The decks allow for real outdoor office space.  The view out the back towards Regent Street is a very real and significant connection to the Christchurch journey.  The acknowledgement of this, within the space is also a precious, tangible taonga.

So, last night’s celebration truly captures the essence of our whare, our space, our place, our haven.  What better way to capture the MAGIC than Minister Nicky Wagner’s words: ‘pumped’ for the opportunities this new space affords, for the generations of now and those to come. 

Just as a home can be and is so much more than a house; CORE’s office is so much more than just an office.  It is our haven, our refuge, our inspiration chamber, our whare, our home!  It is where we can connect, meet, share, celebrate and push the boundaries of educational possibility!  It is where we can live our vision!  It is where we can come and go but never really leave.  In a way, it is a place, for us in Education, as Outward Bound is for those looking for outdoor sanctuary… 
"Have you ever seen a place where tears and laughter mingle,
Where courage grows as strength and trust in friends is found,
A place where people come and go but never really leave,
A place to find what you've been looking for!"

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