Saturday, October 3, 2015

#tedxchch ... beginning to reflect...

Where and how do you begin to reflect on the day?

Inexorably changed as a result of today... I do believe that all of us who are part of the 1200+ family that is #tedxchch today, are forever touched and changed. We cannot experience the emotions of today and awake tomorrow unchanged. From laughter, to tears, fear, grief, empathy, tension, awe, wonder and love, I've experienced it all alongside you all today... 

Today was my fourth TedX and without a doubt it was the most emotive, powerful journey. The power of the human story today captured us and held us spell bound. 

What will I take from this day forward?

If only I had the wit and humour and brain of Michele A'Court, I could entertain and inform you in style. Apologies, but I will do the best I can to share the impact of each and ever speaker on me!

Te Pao A Tahu - thinking again about Culture and Heritage
The power of the opening mihi fro Te Pao A Tahu touched me. I was bursting with pride to see our very own Gemma on stage. I was absolutely gobsmacked how much of the korero I could understand. Increasingly I am picking up words and grasping messages in the spoken reo. For this I am incredibly grateful to Gemma. 

Michele A'Court - thinking again about our voices
Female comedian of the decade - WOW. Do we reach a point when we stop saying what we really believe? I think this is something I have held onto. I say what I really believe. I think this is the neoteny in me, I have indeed retained the attributes of childhood into my adult life in many ways. The meaning of life is connection. Find a community and share your voice. Making what you want to say count! 

Ian Wright - thinking again about jet-powered garbage trucks
Wow, doing things differently, making a difference... exciting times ahead when we think again and make things better. Clean transportation as a viable option in the future... near future?

Rod Oram - thinking again about explorers
Greed, selfishness and apathy - we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. Never forget to take time to ask the questions you have. NEVER! Always ask the question! The question must be heard! Be mindful that we are asking the right questions. How can we live well on this planet? We are heading for ecological disaster, and we MUST take action to avoid the disaster we are rapidly heading towards? Poisoning our ecosystem MUST stop!

Slavko Martinov - a special moment in the day... best in show chicken mocumentary!

Bridget Frame -thinking again about resources, efficiencies, and the impact of philanthropy
How and where is the funding coming from for grants, and at what cost to communities. Could there be a collaborative opportunity to allow for greater benefits?

Robyn and Analise Twemlow - thinking again about Tourette's as a disability
WOW what an incredible story. Realising that Analise doesn't have a problem with tourettes, others do! What a rare and beautiful privilege to hear the story of a mum and her stunning daughter - a story that touches us all. Sooo much change to make a difference for sufferers of tourettes' syndrome. 

Dr Swee Tan - thinking again about the origin of cancer
A new way of looking at cancer - you just had to be here for this.... too moving to blog about.. watch it when it is online! Total awe and respect for this most humble genius of a man... The message I take from this is keeping asking questions, all the questions, dig deeper, look further... 

Jason Kerrison
WOW - what a stunning privilege to see and hear the talent that is Jason. Sharing his works in progress... WOW! Stunning lyrics!!!

Carolina Izzo - thinking again about the importance of teamwork
WOW - the story of the restoration of the theatre royal - and particularly of the dome. The story of team, and perseverance and innovation and the dawning of the importance of the America's Cup for the carbon fibre lining to attach the restored canvas. WOW hearing your story was so powerful Carolina.

The Sintes Brothers - thinking again about tap dancing
WOW - talk about breaking down the stereotypical image of tap dancers. Stunningly entertaining... talented and fun!

Max Suckling - thinking again about the power of pheromones
Teehee - my takeaway from this is keep wearing individual perfumes... teehee. Just as one man can identify his wife while blindfolded by his wife's perfume... so a moth identifies his mate... by introduces the same smell everywhere the moths are confused and don't mate... Why oh why are we still using pesticides? HOPE for a pesticide free future on the near horizon....

Craig Jarvis - thinking again about buildings that add life
Biophillia - our connection with nature - our love of life! Biophillia - my favourite new word of the day... and a word that gives power to the feeling I have in my new office in the tree tops. Our ability to sustain life... physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally. What is happening to the human being who occupies the space... are we connecting with life and nature, or removing? Craig Jarvis, we need you to have a voice in the building of schools!

Eric Liu - thinking again about power and civic imagination
An American that spoke with the heart of Canterbury, and understanding of the re-build and the MAGIC of gapfillers. Eric introduced a clever phrase "Techtonic shifts", changes all of what we understand and knew... Three elements of citizenship - Power, imagination and character... at the core of what we do and why we do it! WOW!

Matt Vickers - thinking again about the choices we have and how we die 
This talk challenges us in so many ways. Assisted dying... infringement of human rights? Lecretia's story! A story so powerful... told so powerfully. 

Finnian Galbraith - thinking again about the pronunciation of native languages 
There is no 'pakeha' way of pronouncing Māori words. Phew so privileged to be learning with you Gemma! Learning the language, kapa haka learning, valuing the learning of the language. Culture is irreplaceable. 

Julian Arahanga & Ladi6 - thinking again about the courage to sing from the heart
Agh - the most powerful story as finale! Hearing of the MAGIC of the story that is 'songs from the inside'. Touched so much by the strength of the message that all we need is someone to believe in you. The power of the mentoring is so precious in this story. The MAGIC of seeing Tama come on stage, in his words, from cage to stage, a beautiful moment indeed. Valuing and embracing the stories that NEED to be heard, and NEED to be understood... We all make mistakes... change the life of someone... We are all challenged to change the life of someone... This is indeed, a most powerful call to action!

Indeed we have feasted on a fine bounty of stories from the heart of the teller, direct to our hearts and souls.

I am a different person tonight, a richer person, a better person, for hearing the stories of others, for being a part of a community that gathers together for good!

I have walked in the mocassins of many today... a privilege indeed...

I go to bed weary, exhausted, in awe, overwhelmed, emotional and RICH... rich in so many ways.

Aroha, gratitude to you all! 

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