Monday, October 5, 2015

My new condition... #tedxcitis

I have a reasonably significant new condition... #tedxcitis... and, be warned, it is very contagious!  I just can't stop thinking about, reflecting on and talking about TEDX.

Many, many years ago I started watching Tedtalks.  Of the hundreds I have watched over the years, each and every one has taken me on a journey, challenged me, and caused me to reflect and think again.  

Way back in 2010 I had the privilege of recording an edtalk with Claire Buist, thanks to the wonderful Jane Nicholls.  Since then I have been able to share my story and I really do believe it is MAGICAL to have your story captured.  I know that much of my journey might have disappeared had it not been for this capturing and I am grateful for the opportunity.  

Back in 2012 I had the incredible experience of attending my first TEDX event, TEDXDunedin.  I was in awe.  The crowd, the talks, the ideas, the connecting... the entire experience filled me with wonder and awe.  

Then in 2014 I attended #TEDXChristchurch, a day of intense emotion, learning, challenge, story telling, reflecting and connecting.  

In April 2015 I was privileged to get tickets for #TEDXQueenstown and I feasted on another incredible day.

On Saturday I attended #TEDXChch and my heart, mind and soul were blown wide open.  I experienced intense emotions from joy, to sorrow, to grief, to fear, to wonder, respect, and absolute awe! The power of the story was evident from sun up til sun down.  Each and every story touched me in some way and I just cannot stop talking about it.  To be fair, I think my family are a little relieved I am flying away today. Flying away to share my tedx wonderings with new, eager listeners I am hoping to find.  I have talked them out.  From VW fuel emissions, to stories from the inside, to tourettes, ants, cancer treatments and power, imagination and character.

So, would you believe this coincidence? Left in the magazine pocket on my seat of the plane is a copy of the 'the economist', a magazine which I have never, or probably would never read.  Well, the cover photo and article are 'dirty secrets of the car industry' - the story of the VW lies, which connects and causes me to reflect on the second TEDXchch talk.  Eric Frangenheim talks of being RAS alerted, and I am so mindful of this.  Had I not attended TEDX I would not have given the cover a second glance, and would not have read the article.  I am richer from the experience and opportunity to reflect on this significant issue.  How can we keep destroying the beautiful world we live in?  Why do we lie and cheat?  How can companies live with lies?  Is it always wrong to lie?  What will become of VW?  What questions will need to be asked? 

So a word of warning to those at Ulearn... I am going to talk about TEDX!  I am going to continue to reflect and discuss.  I am going to tell a slightly different story at the start of my presentation... I am going to tell more of my story... It is in the story that the true MAGIC is woven....

And, two more serendipitous moments of MAGIC to add to this post... Flying with me was Professor Richie Poulton, speaker at TedXDunedin 2012.  So of course, I took a moment to chat and grab a photo.
Professor Richie Poulton is Director of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit which conducts the Dunedin longitudinal study, one of the most detailed studies of human health and development ever undertaken. A multidisciplinary, longitudinal study of 1,037 babies born in Dunedin during 1972/73, the Study members have been followed up since birth, at age three, then every two years to age 15, and at ages 18, 21, 26, and 32. The latest assessment phase, at age 38, commenced in 2010 and was completed in March 2012, and was an outstanding success with 96% of the surviving Study members being assessed. 

Then later this afternoon, on the waterfront in Auckland with Vicki, we viewed the National Geographic Photographer of the year exhibition.  And there before my eyes was the clip by Mark Gee, from TedXchch 2014.  

WOW - what co-incidence.  The stories are everywhere... all around us!

...and thanks to Vicki for tolerating my #tedxitis....


  1. I'd love to be there to hear the next layer of your discussion and reflection, Anne - It's been a privilege to be on the sideline of some of your journey!

  2. Love the Tedxitis - another blog says it is the act of being Tedx-ed. Fantastic day - glad you enjoyed it as much as I did - spread the word at ULearn!