Monday, October 12, 2015

#ulearn15 second reflection

WOW, two days of ‘no agenda’. WOW what a luxuriating treat. Two sleep ins, family time, meals out, BBQ, garden walk, coffees with family and friends, sunshine, and thinking time. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

I have taken lots of time this weekend to be ‘offline’ and mindful.

Coming back online has been a little overwhelming with so much ‘dialogue’ in the social media sphere. An interesting conversation around those new to twitter has resulted in some exciting new opportunities and possibilities. I will keep you posted.

Being mindful of the need to maximize the learning, networking, sharing, challenges and celebration from Ulearn has caused me to begin a crowd sourced doc to capture some of it, making it accessible and rewindable. Check out the first edtalk up today - Grant Lichtman's keynote!

As educators enter classrooms for the first day of term four, we are excited by the potential of impact on learners the length and breadth of New Zealand. 

Today I am going to spend a little more time reflecting on the MAGIC of 1800+ educators together in one space for this conference. Many, many times I post, “he tangata, he tangata, he tangata”, and this indeed was the MAGIC of the conference for me.  Working as part of the connected educator team comes with the privilege of being where the people need us to be, being alongside them, listening and supporting with next steps. It is also a HUGE honour and privilege to support beyond the event itself. Reflections and conversations on twitter over the weekend have led to a Google Hangout tonight to look at ways of supporting those new to an online environment over the initial barriers, confidently able to grow and maximise their new networks.

I am going to focus today, on my connections with e-fellows at Ulearn. CORE Education Ltd celebrates a number of e-fellows each year and I had the privilege of being an e-fellow in 2012, alongside Beverley Kaye, Helen King, Paula Eskett and Rachel Boyd. We were / are the ‘famous five’ and Ulearn15 is the first opportunity we have had to be back together since Ulearn12. 

What an incredible reunion! It is so powerful to re-connect and catch up on our lives since our amazing year. It was as if we hadn’t been apart and we chatted, giggled, laughed and caught up. The e-fellow dinner was an opportunity for us to celebrate dinner together with e-fellows current and past. What an incredible time to be there for the 2015 celebrations of their amazing year, with tears and laughter testimony to their tight-knit, incredible year together. An awesome touch was the book they were presented with celebrating their year together! E-fellows from 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 celebrated. 

Thursday morning saw the announcement of six brand new e-fellows who begin their journey for 2016. What an incredible time! 

How privileged I feel to be part of such an awesome fellowship!

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