Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Activators and Summarizers… Kathy Schrock

What a way to start… we are in for a treat!
Openers and closers – entries and exiters…

Focus Learning

Moving knowledge into long-term memory…

Used to minimize student tension…

Actively teach, learn and practice skills of collaborating… collaboration rubrics can help!  Take a risk and collaborate.  Allow time for all to sit, reflect and discuss. 

Involve sharing – apple TV, Reflector app, document camera, quicktime - choose new movie recording, choose ipad, 

Icebreaker - 5 minute pdf personsality quiz...

Observe - use timelapse, or camera to record and see what is going on... make it a natural part of classroom practice. 

Teaching channel - recording in the classroom. Using video to Improve practice: Video 101 

Using mobile devices:
Mia MacMeekin - prior knowledge
Draw - draw what you know begining and end
Draw and record - explain everything... or show me for free..
Pixiclip - draw and record - get ready then record.

Point out misconceptions... 
Sync Pad app - able to submit, get feedback and re-work

Pre quiz
Kahoot - extract individual student data

Students explain what they think they know or have learnt

Create a challenge, evaluate prior knowledge
Paired verbal fluency

irig recording

Teach someone else
Animation - explain everything
Explain everything - collaborative app

Mind Maps
Concept map - nodes - relationships labelled
Mind Map - centre node and breaks out from there...
Mapping tools...
Use pencil, add colour later, use icons, notes, limit to a couple of fonts, practice drawing things - eg sketchnote after watching a youtube clip... 

Aww app - touch share draw...

interview classmates... podcasts
twisted wave
Pocket wave pad hd
Sort card strategy
Padlet as activator... - with images, categorise cards, defend choice...
Padlet as summariser... create own, visit others, and give feedback... then add a reflection to own... 


Topic, details, closing...
wufoo like a google form survey - easy to use....
Tabletop texting...
Watch a movie, pause every 30 seconds... students make a statement, ask a question, 

Make it concrete - watch a segment of video - 
make it concrete - drawing pad
silent sharing... critical thinking workbook pdf...

Read write think - ad access site - classification of advertisements...
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