Tuesday, June 28, 2016

EdTek Talks

Amelia Rose Earhart 
Exceeding expectations!

2014 - flight around the world over 18 days...
Obligation... Earhart.. shared name - so living up to the expectation... Turbulence - full of commotion.
Smooth skies do not make for skillful pilots. 
Turbulence builds character!
The obstacles in our life often define us... 
The longest way around is the shortest ride home!
The story of having a dream, passion, the modern-day Amelia Earhart - 77 years on....
Living on a dream, a passion, a belief... 
Identity, and discovering who you are, who you are and what you become can be decided each and every day...  

Marley Dias and Dr Janice Johnson - Grass roots community...
7000 books! 
Marley - wow - black girls matter!  #1000blackgirlbooks 
Hearing Marley's story... Looking for 1000blackgirlbooks - with a mission!  
A desire for more diverse books!  
Brown Girl Dreaming... Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry...
Reaching 7000 and nowhere near done... Marley is not done until learners have books which represent learners... everywhere!
We NEED to listen to our children's voices!  
Love science - love our children, teach them the science of how the world is organised!
Great, creative, inquisitive children are not born, they are MADE! Is the literature reflecting our diverse communities. 
Raising awareness - and raising consciousness!  People have to help!
Action - people must commit to doing something!
Inaction is as bad as conscious ignoring.
Be aware of issue, engage and do something about it, so we have freeedom... 
About to engage on a literacy tour... connect with kids!  Starts with community of black girls - helping them become stronger!
Dreaming of a world where equity and freedom is a reality... 

Caleb Harper - Director of Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab.
Scariest thing I have heard today - the average age of an apple on the shelf in a USA supermarket is 14 months.... scary!!!!
General ignorance of food... 
Open platform to ask and get real answers... 
What if there were 1 billion more successful farmers...
Average age of a global farmer - 58 agh
Coding climate meant coding flavour...
Designing recipes that corellate to better flavour... 
airponics - 90% less water... 5 times the growth speed!
Companion planting - and the exploration of potential. 
Biochemical... what is done, what is achieved... 
Learners creating conditions for growing.
The farmer of the future... young learners... with a passion for creating conditions... sharing passion.... 
Producing nutritious, safe product!!!
Food units, food servers, 
Open source vertical farm... 
The future of educating around food... is about getting together on one platfomr and ask WHAT IF?

Ayah Bdeir 
little bits... the future of invention... 
New problems, new careers, new opportunities, 
Creating the next generation of innovators, creators, critical thinkers, lifelong learners.
STEM is a national priority in USA, and international priority.
How do we get learners engaged and keep them engaged?
Snapping together complex circuits... little bits...
Keeping learners engaged:

  • Make it fun
  • We go from STEM to STEAM
  • Help learners make it theirs
  • We empower our educators
Well curated moments of fun!
eg: invent a throwing arm
eg: invent an art machine
eg: this will help you create things you want now!
Invention based learning.... see no limits, just ideas and possibilities! Your solutions can inspire the world!
Getting and keeping learners engaged, keeping up with the change, being mentor, coach, teacher... 
Teachers as STEAM hero in their school!!!
Invention based learning!  WOW Let's create the next generation problem solver, creator, 

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