Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership - Empowering Learners.. #ISTE2016GC

WOW using a hashtag during the session... how clever is this... must explore that idea during my next big session!
How do we get our learners to use everything they have access to?
We have the world at our fingertips... what are we going to do with it?
Share our learning online... If we are sharing, it takes away any worry about bragging!
Instant creating... sharing the real us!  Take care of our learning online!
It's not just about the learning - it is who you are as a person...
Sharing very personal stories... sharing the real self!  It's not about what you are sharing as much as the impact of our words, our sharing, our self. 
We live in a world when everyone can have a voice - how are we teaching them to use it.... 
Taking any negative and turning it into a positive...
Doing something crazy... in our time... it disappeared... do something crazy now... and it lives forever...
"They loved you.... then they saw your tweets."
Our kids just want to know that someone cares about what we are doing... 
"It is crucial to see both obstacles and opportunities."

Digital Safety
Insert images... 

What are we doing to teach accountability, connecting! What about the joy? The way we are sharing with our learners has the power to change the world.
How do we model we our own digital footprint - if we can say it to our kids, we can say it online...

Digital Awareness
"the best Internet filter is the one that runs between the child's ears..." Larry Magid
Teaching kids by having the conversations... 
"we have a daughter due to be born in August, we have googled her name and bought her domain..."  Hilarious...
Literacy is not just about "reading" and "writing" it is about creating new opportunities!
Danah Boyd - It's complicated. A must read... 'the social lives of teens."
We must practice empathy, not superiority!

Digital Leadership
Positive, negative or neutral?
Separating what we do in real life from what we do online... 
Agh.... George... you just made us all cry again... 
Death, life, sadness, and happiness... all what make us human.
Using facebook to give compliments... hooplaha
"always err on the side of the positive"
"Social media is like water. You can either let us drown, or teach us to swim." 

Three things students should have before they leave school:
A digital portfolio
An about.me page

What do we choose to see?
Bringing expertise in and sharing our expertise with the world...

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