Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ignite session two

Cathy Hunt - iPad Art Room & St Hilda's school
Learning about art, control over devices... knitting technology and life together...
Taking learners digital creative toolbox!

Kunt Hutabarat - Software engineer
Super Saturday! Engaged parents, hands-on learning, passion and fun. Learning DNA!  Language and art, fitness class...  It is not mission impossible...

Melinda Kolk - Cultivate creativity in your classrooms...
Creativity is novelty, utility, surprise...
Cultivate creative - in self, students, culture and tasks, 
Believe you can! Let it go! Practice creativity! Try something new, take a risk, see the beauty in chaos, sit with discomfort, celebrate and value the originals... and diversity... make space and time, as simple as a blank screen.  seek more questions than answers, build skills of questioning rather than answering, seek, wonder, imagine, Those who seek MAGIC find it everywhere, get making, our kids need to be creators NOT consumers... expect and reward creativity... celebrate effort... celebrate the process not the product... make creativity a habit, jump in, 

Caitlin McLemore - learning to fail
Why does failure matter?  Failure teaches us life skills, grit, mindset, and develop resilience.  Life-long learners with grit.  mistakes are interesting, let's see what we can learn from it.  "It's fine to celebrate success but more important to heed the lessons of failure." Bill Gates. How do we teach failure? Engineering design process... plan, design, make, test, reflect, remake... iterative cycle... create a safe space for failure.  Learn how to fail in the space where you can take a risk. Go out and fail gloriously

Monica Burns @classtechtips  From Basic to aces
Content creation, consumption, interaction.
Interacted, engaged and curious learners... Scannable, augmented... 

ACES framework

  • Access - connect quickly and effectively
  • Curate - differentiation, empower student, push curiosity
  • Engagement - involve
  • Share - take the work and share with authentic audience
Debra Atchison - what if we could really be a part of global learning?
What if - two little words with a big impact... 
edcampglobal.wix teachers get to learn and share globally... 
What if we did this with students? edcampglobal classroom

Brian Huang - spark fun edu World Maker Faire
Maker fair... art, culture, community, creation... let the students build, become passionate, self-reliant... arduino board, built for artists, empower, engage and excite your learners..

Jaime Chanter - classrooms should look and feel more like home, 
It starts with us... its time for us to sit down and shut up! Soft lighting, learning buzz, options, camps and caves, opportunity, choice to do what we want, engagement, passion, future club, teamwork, it makes the dreams work, cellphones out and on, authenticity, safe, e-reading, coding, creation stations, gaming, make the choice to create an environment that is a scucess for learning... Do one thing eeryday that scares us!!! 

Katherine Hale - because they need more than a single story. 
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - watch the TedTalk
Are we perpetuating a single story... one story that is in the test....
Plot twist - tech is our story changer...
Not all that glitters is gold... beware of the tech beware of the story-repeaters... we will repeat the story... do we perpetuate the fast thinkers... does quizlet change us... everyday a new app... sometimes the best visual tools are right under our nose... teach auto correct, get feedback, model... take photos of lessons, voice record story ideas... learning management system... google images... create a story teller - personalise the technology for the learner.  Show our learners that their story can change, gift them the tools to support them.  Technology + US = a better story!  

Michelle Bourgeois - iWonder (do you)
Learning from our journey... finding a way to reach our learners. Learn to love learning. Classroom as a place of wonder!  A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration. Desire or be curious to know something.  How do we help students develop a sense of wonder? Wonder through play, creation... Capture the wonder bug!!! Wonder, wonderful and wonder-full = a lifetime of appreciation and awe.  Everyone needs a mentor... we are privileged to be the mentor to many!  

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