Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Day 34 of Covid19, Day 1 of level 3

What a funny old day. 
Here we are in the very first day of level three. 
I had such hopes that we would gently create a new world. Hmmmm, can you believe there was a queue at takeaway outlets before 7am. What is wrong with this picture? 

We have been bomb barded on social media and the news networks of people queueing for hours for takeaways.  I have to say I am feeling incredibly grateful for how well we have eaten over the last 5 weeks. I am certainly in no hurry for a takeaway. 

So, today, woohoo, I moved into my tidied new office. WOW walking in this morning with the sun streaming in sure was a different experience from the freezing cold office at the back of the house. 

Another day of working on my laptop, and my eyes are burning again. Hmmmm my optometrist appointment was cancelled three weeks ago, and I guess I realistically won't get another til we get to level two. My eyes really are annoying. I really do have to make sure I take plenty of breaks. A late arvo walk around the garden was awesome. The autumn colours are truly stunning. 

It sure was weird with Grant away at work today. He came home for lunch which was great. I really can hardly believe we have had 33 days home together. It is just such a luxury. I have loved not travelling and hope it is a long while til we start up again. There really is no need at the moment. Distance facilitation is working just fine. 

Now that I have finished sorting for a while I took time out tonight to do some sewing. I really am keen to get some more little merino tops and pants on the way for little guy for winter. I am so very grateful to Rebecca for sharing patterns with me. One pair of pants completed tonight. 

Now, to cast on some stitches. I want to get an alpaca beanie in the post with Gabi's birthday present. Teehee, there just aren't enough hours in the day for me lately. 

Today's lesson: Take more breaks. 

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