Monday, April 6, 2020

Day 12 - bit of a roller coaster....

WOW, twelve days in... 
Bit of a roller coaster today!  Up early and oh my goodness, it is soooo light. I love this time of the year in the mornings, but I am not so keen at all at nights. Off for a run I set myself a challenges of 5 laps of the steps.  I made it... but oh my goodness, my legs were shaking soooo bad. However did I think 10 laps would be possible... slow and steady, I will persevere. 

I work for a most wonderful company CORE Education, Tātai aho Rau, and we are used to working online, but oh my goodness this is tough. 

My first Zoom meeting was at 8am, and they went all the way through the day. My fun new word of the day...

People are honestly so clever, coming up with all of these awesome memes. Anyway, back to my day. As we prepared for a session we were hosting at 12 today, we checked out this reading again.

This really is a great read. A couple of quotes that we highlighted are: 

“Understand that this is a marathon. If you sprint at the beginning, you will vomit on your shoes by the end of the month.”

“Let go of all of the profoundly daft ideas you have about what you should be doing right now.”

“Devise a strategy for social connectedness with a small group of family, friends, and/or neighbours…”

“For most people, our minds have not come to terms with the fact that the world has already changed… essential process of acceptance, which will allow us to reimagine ourselves in this new reality… on the other side of this journey of acceptance are hope and resilience.”

I am not sure about you, but my inbox and social media feeds are buzzing, there is just so much happening that info-whelm is real. I have not been impressed with myself, I seem to skim and scan, I really am failing to deeply immerse myself in what I am reading. I notice I have literally filled pages and pages of my work book with notes. I guess we are all finding ways of working differently in these times. 

I worked with a couple of schools today and I really am in awe of how hard educators are working to make sense of this time and find new and exciting ways with distance learning.

I worked with colleagues creating resources, prepping for schools, and sharing ideas. Tania and I are working on a range of options for schools, including thinking about a possible 'school day in distance learning'. 

Finally, 5pm rolled around, and I got back outside. WOW Grant really is making a HUGE change in the backyard. Teehee, so much more planting space. I truly can't wait for the weekend to get back out there planting...

After a walk around the garden, I headed out for another walk. I just love how creative people are being. There are bears and toys everywhere in windows. There is artwork on fences and pavements, and on the side of the rail line today, this heart. So special to see people are taking the time to share love at this time. 

Teehee, and just as I thought, sunset not much after 6pm, not so much a fan of this at all... 

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