Sunday, April 26, 2020

Day 32 - Sunday... another Sunday at Level four

So grateful for a sleep in, and for a HUGE reduction in the nightmares. I wonder WHY they have stopped??? Was it finding out that it is perfectly normal to have cray nightmares at this time, that made them disappear?

Anyway, it was another 'pancakes for breakfast' kind of a day!  YUMMO

Straight back into the sorting, and I got kind of distracted. I love how I set out to sort in the rumpus room, and end up tidying wardrobes and shelves... It is all part of the big plan, to bring everything together once and for all. 

I still find it hard to believe that I made all of these bears. 'Gladstone' the largest one at the back is hand made from fur and full of beans. The other five and all felted with wool and a felting needle. I can just remember the pain of the blisters on fingers from this... An amazing stage in my craft over the years...

This was another awesome find today. Mum was a teacher, and when I left my last class back in 2012, she really struggled to understand my new role of facilitator. She decided she would call me a 'facilitator of happiness'. I am so grateful to have this written in her beautiful handwriting. I think I will enlarge it and make a sign for my office door. 

Today I picked the last of the chrysanthemums. They have been stunning and I am determined to get more of these plants. 

The sun came out so we headed off for a walk around the blog. Day 32 of level four and we finally ran into our cousins who live down the road. We have been biking and walking and it has taken us this long to connect. Such an awesome catchup.

We walked around the block, down through the lane. It sure is weird looking back across to our house from the lane. We are very spoilt to live amongst the trees. 

We had an awesome FaceTime with little guy. Oh how we miss him. I found a lot of books in the sort out, so read him a couple of new books. I really can't wait til level 2 for us all to be together again. 

We had another awesome catch up with Val and Frank, and Annette and Dave. Driveway drinks sure has been a wonderful outcome from ISO. I think this is guaranteed to be something we will continue. 

Then, at 7.30, thanks to Cam for organising, we had school virtual drinks. How awesome to catch up with these guys again... Zoom has really changed the world for so many people at this time...

Today's lesson: People matter - they matter a whole darn lot!  Make sure to tell special people that they matter. 

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