Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 14 - wow what a lot of change in 14 days

It is almost impossible to think of life two weeks ago. So much has changed but oh how grateful we must be for everyone who is isolating and helping us get through. Even more so, we must be so incredibly grateful for the essential workers. Each and everyone of you are amazing. 

My day was back to back online meetings again. Oh how I love the time to work with educators. You really are all awesome. This is supposed to be your school holidays and you are working tirelessly to ensure that distance learning will be the best it can be. 

Starting slow, focussing on relationship, connecting with emotions will be so important. Distance learning can simply not be a transference of our class programmes. 

Info-whelm is very real. There is just so much information, so many resources, and so much out there, that you need to adopt strategies to survive this. 

Finding so much solace in the simple repetition of knitting at the moment.....

Incident prevention patrol to end the day... love the view of home...

Have to say, I am absolutely loving working with Tania pulling together 'simple ideas'.... sharing real soon....

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