Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 19 - Easter Monday

Easter Monday morning... oh how I am loving this long weekend. 

I started the day with a delicious bowl of homemade granola. I haven't made time to make this for ages. I didn't have many nuts in the pantry, so it is very coconutty and seedy, but delicious all the same. We went out for a walk around the garden, agh so grateful for all we have achieved over the weekend as it sure is not a nice day for gardening today. 

The maples are changing colour so quickly and the wicked winds are stripping the leaves. 

I never did get around to trying the fruit of the Akebia Quinata. Today I gathered a bucket of them and added it to the compost heap. 

I also found some gorgeous chrysanthemums flowering. These are plants that I have given to Mum over the years for mother's days or birthdays, and I have planted up. How awesome to have these to pick and remember. 

Coming in from the garden I had a sudden urge to work on tidying my office space for the time ahead. I am so aware of the time I am spending online at the kitchen table and how increasingly frustrating it must be for my bubble buddy. 

Speaking of my bubble buddy, here he is, hard at work removing layer upon layer of paint and wall paper from the last bedroom to be renovated. 

So back to my office tidy up... agh what a wonderful trip down memory lane with so many finds. I had a bit of a giggle about the business cards I found. Sadly I didn't find a Bearly Dressed Business card, but the rest tell a bit of a story of my life. (I also found all of my teaching photos)

I also found my 'treasures' although they still traumatise me a little. A HUGE thanks to Katrina who helped me with these. I am still very keen for a copy of 'Hungry Lambs' if anyone can help me out??? Great to be able to share my surplus with Tania, Justine and Susan too. I still have a few copies of boat day - super happy to swap for Hungry Lambs....

Agh the joy... what a glorious space... I am actually looking forward to coming up here to work again....

And yet another creative meal, thanks to Jas for the rolled beef roast. tonight we had home made beef burgers YUMMO!!!!!

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