Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Day 13 - WOWSER what a day - unleashing my creativity at the end of the day....

Well what an incredibly full on, fabulous day...
Back to back with Zui... zoom hui... It really is an incredible privilege to work alongside educators who are really facing an incredible new opportunity. 
We are so privileged to support with slowing, calming, being kind. Alongside the busyness of supporting schools, we are privileged to have opportunities for us to come together and connect and share. Our daily Whanaungatanga sessions sure are welcome.

Today also, I had the absolute privilege of attending an hour long webinar hosted by Joanne McEachen, with Jean Clinton and Marc Brackett. 
Searching for Well-being in Challenging Times.
WOW it was fantastic. I kept grabbing screen shots and took some awesome notes. 

We may be physically distant but we NEED to stay emotionally close. 
We NEED to make emotional connection first. 
"I feel, therefore I am"
Relationships are at the heart.
It really does take a village to raise a child. 
We all need a sense of relationship, and knowledge that I matter, and I belong. 
"Express care, push growth, provide support, share power, treat people with respect, connect me with people and places."

Agh I truly could listen to you all day Jean!

This really is a most important question...

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

I absolutely LOVED the session with Marc Brackett - permission to feel.  I especially liked the acknowledgement that there are no bad feelings. Allow your feelings to be, name them and be a scientist, explore your feelings. 

Investing in positive self talk is soooo very important.
Take time to have fun .
Fill our spaces with joy and helpful strategies.
Hold off with assessment and academics for the mo, focus on:
  • emotional support for learners and whānau
  • ensure whānau are not expected to be knowledge stuffers
  • whānau are supports for learning, focus on igniting the flame of all the learning that is going on around home
  • be emotionally connected
  • pause, evaluate, help learners and whānau to bond
  • focus on social and emotional learning
  • teach how brains work 
  • use emotions wisely to be free
  • focus on what we have control of
Reach out, acknowledge, validate, care.

LOVE builds brains, be present at this time and always. 

WOW absolutely loved this session. 

I am also getting a lot better at having time for me, and even knitting and stitching when I can throughout the day.

Tonight was epic though. I am certainly soooo grateful to Rebecca for fixing the tension on my machines just before ISO. I have a range of fabrics and am thoroughly enjoying creating again. 

I finally finished this farm jersey for little guy. Thanks so much for the beautiful wool JT. 

Heading to bed tonight exhausted, but so so satisfied with my accomplishments...

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