Monday, April 27, 2020

Day 33 - nearly 11,000 steps inside...

WOW, day 33, and the eve of a move to level 3, Covid19. 

So, the rāhui relaxes a little, just a little. For us though, it is HUGE, it is the end of our time home together for now. 

We have survived 33 days of us!  Been a little bumpy at times, but generally a stunningly, wonderful time. 

And finally, today, we put the house back together. Most of the house has had a complete clean up and sort out. And we have been privileged to surface a squillion memories along the way. In fact I would go so far as to say the house is the most organised it has every been, apart from when we moved in perhaps. 

To have the rumpus room sorted was the biggest deal, with all of the treasures and memories nearly stored in plastic containers in the roof, we have a great space back. I have moved through to this room for my office, now that I am going to home for the winter. It is just so much nicer to be in here with the sun coming in early in the day. 

I have also organised piles of photos, so the next steps will be to put them all in albums. I am actually looking forward to that, but am going to take my time and get them all in order, so might be over the next few months. 

Over the last while, we have just kept adding to the piles in this room, so it really has been an awesome sort out. All of the cupboards and wardrobes have been sorted. Agh what a great feeling. 

How awesome does that look. Really looking forward to getting it carpeted to match the rest of the house, but for now, it is looking awesome. And what's more, it gets all the early morning and midday sun, so I have moved my office back across to this side of the upstairs.  I sure am looking forward to a warmer working space now that I am home for the winter. WOW that is a great sentence! "HOME FOR THE WINTER."

Its a tiny desk, but we'll see how it goes...
Stunning view, and even better now that Grant has cleaned the window. 

See you on Tuesday, level 3!

Today's lesson: good things take time, and are SO worth while doing.

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