Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day 10 - a little broken, but oh so happy

Day ten already... wow where are these days disappearing to?

My day started with an alarm wake up on a Saturday. What an awesome catch up with Barbara and Cynthia. It has honestly been far too long, and this is yet another wonderful thing to come from Covid19. We've kept in touch on twitter for the past three years, but today was our first 'face to face' Zoom. Wow, it was just like we were in the room together carrying on our chat from when Barbara and Cynthia were out in NZ three years ago. 
We literally have so much to catch up on. I can't wait to start working on our joint blog post, and then maybe, just maybe, that podcast we've been talking about for so long. Agh what a wonderful start to the day. 

Next up, another awesome 'meeting' on a Saturday morning. 9.25am and there we go, Tracey and I off on our virtual walk. So so so good to catch up. We even managed to share autumn pics. this pic shows three patches of poplars on my walk down Puddle Alley - hard to believe the variation in such such close proximity. 

I met a lot of people on my walk today, totally stayed 2 metres clear, but oh what wonderful catch ups... Didn't make it home til after 11am.

After breakfast we headed out to the garden in the sunshine. WOW, there really is something to be said for literally unlimited time. We really took to the jungle today. 

Hard to believe we have been here 20 years now, and we planted most of this. Over the years the plants have moved beyond manageable and there is a lot of overgrowth and die back. Today, thanks to Covid19 we are not pressured. We have time, real time to take it slowly and make a difference... and a difference we made. 

What began as a simple weeding and cutback quickly became major maintenance. We also dug up all the remaining hostas and split them along with the heucheras, up to the top. 

Another of the very many highlights in the day was finding this red top. My favourite childhood book was the red tops... and finding the first one I've ever found in our backyard was awesome. We were also so aware of the cacophony of birdsong and our constant companions the piwakawakas. 

This stunning maple has been squashed and squeezed, but we have created it space to grow and spread. 

What a difference the clean up along the front of the garden made. 

I think this year we have literally split up and replanted hundreds of hostas. I truly can't wait til next spring. I transplanted a couple more of my peony roses out to the back garden too. It will be really interesting to see how they grow out there. 

Absolutely shattered but oh so proud of all we have achieved today. 

...and this is only one of three piles awaiting mulching or composting... Imagine how much there will be by the end of this wonderful time of isolation. 

So bone weary, we are relaxing and resting... tomorrow, we are right back out there! Can't wait for another MAGIC day gardening... 

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