Saturday, April 25, 2020

Day 31 - ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day 2020 in Isolation!

Up with the alarm at 5.45am, and celebrating ANZAC Day on the balcony, listening to the broadcast on Radio NZ. What an incredibly surreal start to the day. For the past four years we have been in Ranfurly for ANZAC Day.

Back to bed for a bit more sleep then up and away on a little cycle adventure. Let's cycle round the block I said... If we must he said... maybe we should have discussed the size of the block... teehee

We left in the sun, biking into a nasty head wind... and I have to admit, it did look threatening...

We were only down Gladfield Road when the rain hit and it sure did get cold. Fortunately we packed jackets. 

With the walkway bridge closed, we had no option but to go through the ford. 

It sure is awesome looking across the plains, back to Saddle Hill. 

So many memories of this stretch of road. This is where we taught Katie to drive... not all of them totally pleasant memories either... teehee.

So after only a few rides this week, look at the progress, after 23km we manage to cycle up our driveway, which is no mean feat. 

That little block we biked around... 23km.... wowser. 

A walk around the garden, a great opportunity to capture shots of the amazing colour of the maples. 

Delicious blue cod for dinner. I am truly so grateful for the large box of blue cod I bought back from the Chatham Islands. We have had so many delicious meals. 

Tonight I headed back into the boxes of photos and oh what a wonderful find. This is Mum, sitting on the seat, beside her sister Eileen. I am just so excited to have found this, and incredibly surprised that I have not seen it before. It was sort of stuck to another photo and I noticed Mum's handwriting on the back. What a true treasure. 

Another treasure was finding this part of Dad's history.... 

And can you believe I still have three packs of poha crackers... I don't think I will ever let these off, but somehow I keep them as a link to our past.... 

Lesson from today: Treasure memories, sort carefully, and make sure these are kept forever.

Next steps for me are to create a google folder and upload some of these treasure photos, for future generations to enjoy. 

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