Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day 8 - the little things, well they are actually the BIG things....

WOW 8th day in our bubble! I realise I haven't really talked much about the WHY of this time of isolation... that post will come. 

For today, I am talking about the little things, the things that just 8 days ago we took for granted. 

Up early and out for the 5km circuit I was determined to give it a crack to get another PB... wow, another 1minute 30 seconds of the 5km lap. I got a bit of a shock to see my heart rate - right up there for most of the run... And I had to stop to tie a shoelace. As with most days I am out, there are lots of people out, walking, cycling, running. I really am delighted with the progress I am making... so time to set some new goals. My goal for the 5km is now 35minutes... which will get me right on target to go for a 10km in 70minutes. Next week I think I will give the 10km loop a go....

The work day was a mixture of online meetings, sorting, cancelling events out of the Connected Educator calendar... and some very fun meetings with our Whānau Lead lunchtime sessions. A real highlight today was hearing that Tash took our Hazel memorial kowhai tree home to care for... that is truly special. 

Late in the day we heading in to collect our Click and Collect order. We were only able to get a slot at the South Dunedin store a week out from ordering. Very impressed with the service and the process. And even more impressed now we have the app which orders by simply scanning barcodes. On the way home from our pick up we stopped off at a very deserted middle beach and had a wonderful beach walk. Yes a simple thing a week or so ago, now seemed like such an incredibly luxurious treat. The sun, the sand, and rolling waves, just so, so good. 

I was very surprised how warm the water was and absolutely loved the feel of the water lapping my feet. It is less than three weeks ago when I was out in the Chatham Islands where a beach walk or jog was my daily ritual and I took it for granted. How precious today was. 

Home for another small treat, washing the shopping... hahahahaha I am not sure if I am being ridiculous, but after watching 7 Sharp the other night, I find this a simple easy task, and it sure doesn't make us appreciate our supplies. 

An absolute treat in the order, a house and garden magazine, so I treated myself a relax in the sun. Again, I am stunned by the lack of noise pollution. There was an absolute cacophony of birdsong...

So, as the day draws to a close, I am in awe of how many simple pleasures there are in life... #grateful

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