Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Day 27 - Spinning - is it really only Tuesday????

Feels like Friday...
Unbelievably it is only Tuesday. How can that be?
This online gig is HARD!
Today I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of meeting with my mentor. I don't know how the world conspires to have you meet up when you most need it. I am sooooo grateful for the privilege of time with my mentor. Today, in a short space of time, most of my scary problems and challenges sifted and sorted, and I am back up and running at a smoother level. 
It is really hard to work online, really HARD. We are used to this, and it is hard for us. Where as I could easily spend a day in a school, even a couple of days back to back, an hour or a couple of hours online is HARD. It is harder to 'read the room' online. It is harder to focus on people, ensuring the needs of all are met. It really is taking more time to prepare for online sessions.
Agh the relief of writing that all down...
We NEED to go back to basics and look at what we can control. 
  • Relationships
  • Connections
  • Well being
  • Learning

It was really invaluable for me to go back to the UDL Guidelines today. I really do need to take time to continue to read and explore the resources that are here to support us. We need to discuss these as a team and work out our best ways of working. 

A real highlight in our day today was a Zoom with the Chatham Island Cluster. How awesome for me at home in Mosgiel to be able to connect with Vicky, in Auckland and meet brand new grandbaby, and Wendy across in Pitt Island, and Eve, Donna, and Lara in Te One, Chatham Islands.

This new way is forever going to change the way we learn, facilitate, and grow. 

It was awesome to reflect on the progress we made during our last week face to face. We caught up today and looked at the VERY different world we are in now, and looked at how we might plan for DEEP learning for this term. 

This LEARNZ home activity site is well worth a look. 

A click and collect today added a great support back to the pantry. We really are so privileged and so grateful to be able to eat well at this time. For me, this is such a rarity. Being home, waking up, eating all of my meals at home, working at home... LOVING it. 

Agh, I am soooo happy to be back biking. No real dramas spotted today, unlike yesterday. Another stunning autumn day... grateful.

Today's learning: Address the challenges! 

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