Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Day 28... flibidigibidy..... all over the place

WOWSER Wednesday...
I awoke early after the most vivid, full colour, horrifying nightmare... I was in a train crash... and I awoke hanging over the cliff edge... honestly, horrifying, so real, so vivid, so full colour and so repeated throughout the night....

Did I mention at all that this online Zui back to back is HARD! Flip... it is darn hard... if I am not in a Zui, I'm in a hangout, or preparing for or following up on one... and today... well today... I ended the day feeling quite broken...
I was working with a buddy and we had completed some great work and we decided to sign off early and bike... well, that was until I checked my emails... and one of the schools I have been struggling to get a response from responded and an hour and a half later I closed my laptop and got on my bike... Hmmm I really needed that... 15km, home just on dark... good for my ticker... and my mind. So a bit of a reflection on the day that led to this. 

Today started early with an alarm set. Off and away with my bobble buddy for 'Incident Prevention Patrol'. Such a privilege to get out and about, and also awesome to get so much more of an insight into his world. 

The view back down the hill, across to our home. 

Another very busy day. A real highlight in the day was our weekly session with Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan from NZIWR. Today we were in a Zoom, spent time in breakout rooms chatting with colleagues. These sessions are invaluable for not only our well being, but for us to share with our educators who are working so incredibly hard to meet needs in this very surreal time. 

I really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect before, during and after our session today. 
We explored positive emotions today. "This rāhui is a season." It is important for us to be aware of what we are paying attention to. 
What is new and different now?
Where have I felt bored, frustrated or stuck in this past week?
How am I using this feeling as a doorway to a new opportunity or solution?
How do I increase my experience of positive emotion?
I need to broaden my attention and thinking with improved problem solving and increased perception.
I need to build enduring personal resources: physical, social, mental, psychological. 
Positive emotions affect performance and wellbeing.
Positive emotions have an 'undo effect', that helps us recover more rapidly. 
Noticing strengths and putting attention on what's good and what is working well. 
Benefits are in finding us noticing the silver linings in tough times. 
What am I hoping for now? Coping, perseverance, wellbeing...
What personal, whānau strengths am I drawing on?
What silver linings/benefits am I finding?
What am I hoping for now?
Seeking evidence of positive emotions...
What an incredible session. Thank you Lucy and Denise. We are so privileged to have your support. 

So the rest of the tough afternoon of meetings should melt away...

I slammed my laptop at 4.45 and hopped on my bike, off down the drive to find I had a puncture... pushed bike back up the drive... swapped for bubble buddy's bike and off I went...

How awesome is this site in the setting sun. So in awe of each and every person who is taking time to keep us entertained... be it teddy bears, jokes, memes, ... you are all amazing. 

Autumn, you stunning beauty..... love this patch of poplars... how it has changed in this time of ISO. I have walked, run and now cycled this route many times over the past four weeks and the leaves are like a clock... ticking through the seasons. 

A rear site lately. A small plan coming into land at the Taieri Airstrip. 

15km later and I made it home just as the light was disappearing...

Today's lesson: "This rāhui is a season." Just like autumn... it too will pass. 

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